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Top 5 Pharma Companies in India 2020

Top 5 Pharma Companies in India

Top 5 Pharma Companies in India

Today Indian pharma industry is become largest pharma sector in the world.Latest corona virus medicine exported to near 30 country's. Indian company malaria medicine hydroxychloroquine is using as medicine for corona virus all of the world .Now world's eye on Indian pharma industry .Now i am going to tell you top 5 pharma companies in India as per capital market.

Here the list of Top 5 Pharma Companies in India 2020

                 Company                                                               Capital Value

1.Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd                                1,09,502 Cr      

2.Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Ltd                                             63,752 Cr

3.Divis Laboratories Ltd                                                        60,620 Cr

4.Cipla laboratories Ltd                                                         48,207 Cr

5.Biocon Ltd                                                                              42,108 Cr

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