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Ps5 Controller Images Leak|| Ps5 Controller "DualSense" || Ps5 Controller Features || Ps5 Controller Release Date2020 ||

Introducing New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5 called "DualSense" || New PS5 Controller" 2020 ||Sony Released  first images  of "DualSense" its a Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5 .Its a touch feeling  to PS5 Gameplay.Some intresting featutes like .ps5 controller features&ps5 controller design,ps5 controller leaked image,playstation 5 release  2020

Here Some Images And Features 

1.Ps5's tempest 3d Audio tech

2.UpdatedAdaptive Triggers L2 ,R2  (you can truly feel the real actions. )

3.Now "Create Button" instade of   "Share Button" like DualShock4

4.Strong Batter life with rechargeable

5. Built-in Microphone  Without Headset  (Players easily chating)

6.Light Bar with Two sides of touch pad.

7.Promised less weight than DualShock4

8.New hand triggers with "Grip"

Ps5 Controller Images

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