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CoronaVirus-LIVE Updates-In-Telangana-Today[27-04-2020]

CoronaVirus-LIVE Updates-In-Telangana-Today[27-04-2020]

Telangana crossed the 1,000-mark in coronavirus cases .Most of them from hyderabad's corporation region which is called GHMC.Telangana government against the nationwide date of lifting it on 3 May.They extended the lockdown till 7 May.In Telangana containment zones have been set up to contain the virus.Most of the cases linked with Tablighi Jamaat event.Around 90% of the cases cause Tablighi Jamaat.Telangana CM KCR expecting corona cases may start downturn from this week. 

Total No Of Containment Zones:150+

Today Cases So far :

Total Cases:1001

Total Acticve Case:660

New Case:11

Total Death:25


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