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CoronaVirus-LIVE Updates-In-Andhra-Pradesh-Today[27-04-2020]

CoronaVirus-LIVE Updates-In-Andhra-Pradesh-Today[27-04-2020]

Coronavirus cases in Andhra Pradesh increasing so badly .Mainly two Districts "Guntur and Kurnool"  cross more than 200 cases.Sad  thing is this virus entered into "Srikakulam District" which is maintain 0 count till yesterday.Today onwards police are stictly implimneting lockdown2.0.Officials confirmed that over 70% of cases in the state are linked with theTablighi Jamaat event. 

Government declared  Andhra Pradesh  in three zone .

1.RedZone (More Than 10 Cases in same Area)
2.OrangeZone(Below 10 Cases)
3.GreenZone (No virus Cases)

Today Cases So far :

Total Cases:1177

Total Acticve Case:911

New Case:80

Total Death:31


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